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Isopropyl Alcohol / IPA 75% [1L - 25L]
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✅ Suitable for all kind of cleaning and disinfection purpose
✅ Available in industrial / laboratory / clinical grade
✅ Effective disinfectant and sanitization
✅ Super high purity
✅ Premium quality and reliable source
✅ Factory and wholesale price
✅ Available for bulk purchase

⬇️ Product Details:

  1. Product Name: Isopropyl Alcohol / IPA 99.9%
  2. Chemical Name: Isopropyl Alcohol / IPA / 2-propanol / Isopropanol / Propan-2-ol
  3. Chemical Formula: C3H8O
  4. Grade: Industrial / Laboratory / Clinical
  5. Purity: 99.9%
  6. Colour: Clear

⬇️ Product Uses:

  1. Disinfection and sanitization
  2. Rubbing alcohol / alcohol swab
  3. Solvent for various application
  4. Cleaner / degreaser
  5. Cleaning of electronic components
  6. Medical usage

⬇️ Available Packing from the Store

  1. 1000mL (1.0L)
  2. 5000mL (5.0L)


Looking for Bulk Purchase / Larger Packing? 
We welcome all enquiry and offer lower price for bulk purchase and large volume order. Our products are supplied to various factories and businesses. Feel free to contact us via whatsapp, call or email for more info. 

⬇️ Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is isopropyl alcohol or IPA?
    • Isopropyl alcohol, also known as isopropanol or IPA, is one of the most common and widely used disinfectant and raw material for pharmaceutics, hospitals, cleanrooms, and electronics or medical device manufacturing. Different solutions, purity grades, concentrations, and alcohol types yield beneficial cleaning and disinfection properties when applied correctly.
  2. What is the function and uses of isopropyl alcohol?
    • Isopropyl alcohol is widely use as raw materials for cleaning, disinfection, solvent, intermediate in clinical, medical, automotive, electronics industry due to its universal function.
  3. Is the product available in larger packing for bulk purchase?
    • Yes, we supply isopropyl alcohol in various volume as low as 1 Litre up to large volume as high is 200L drums for bulk purchase. Feel free to contact us.
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