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Encap Fragrance - Encapsulated Specialty Fragrance / Booster

RM 9.50
Encap Fragrance - Encapsulated Specialty Fragrance / Booster Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
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Latest Encapsulated Fragrance Technology

Fragrance Release by Slowly by Friction / Pressure / Rubbing

Fragrance Stay Locked on Laundry Even After Drying

Imported Premium Quality Product

Minimum Dosage with Maximum Performance

Top Notes Remain Active for Weeks

1. Product Name: Encapsulated Fragrance / Encap Fragrance

2. Scent: Fresh Laundry (Soflan Similar)

3. Origin: Imported

4. Appearance: Liquid

5. Purity: Pure Concentrated Essence

6. Characteristics: Encapsulation Technology, Friction / Pressure Release Technology, Long Lasting Performance


1. Laundry

2. Detergent

3. Softener

4. Fabric Conditioner

5. Fabric Spray


1. 15mL

2. 100mL

3. 500mL (0.5L)

4. 1000mL (1.0L)

[ Looking for Bulk Purchase / Larger Packing? ]

We welcome all enquiry and offer lower price for bulk purchase and large volume order. Our products are supplied to various factories and businesses. Feel free to contact us for more info.


1. What is so special about our encapsulated fragrance?

Our encapsulated fragrance uses the latest fragrance encapsulation and release technology offering longer lasting fragrance performance. This technology encapsulate top quality fragrance within a protective capsule wall which can survive during manufacturing process, the capsule are breakable when dry, making it ideal for laundry application. With this technology, the freshness of the fragrance can be preserved throughout the washing and drying process. When the fabric is used, friction and pressure applied result in the bursting of the capsule and this cause fragrance to burst out.

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