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What is Cocamidopropyl Betaine CAPB? A Comprehensive Overview

What is Cocamidopropyl Betaine CAPB? A Comprehensive Overview

Introduction to Cocamidopropyl Betaine

Cocamidopropyl Betaine (CAPB) is an amphoteric surfactant derived from coconut oil, is a key ingredient in various personal care formulations. This synthetic compound exhibits both detergent and conditioning properties, making it a versatile addition to skincare and haircare products.

Function and Uses

Cocamidopropyl betaine primarily functions as a surfactant, facilitating the removal of dirt, oil, and impurities from the skin and hair. Its amphoteric nature enables it to act as a mild cleanser without causing excessive dryness or irritation. Additionally, it contributes to the formation of stable foam, enhancing the sensory experience of cleansing products.

Applications in Different Industries

  • Personal Care Industry:
    Cocamidopropyl betaine finds extensive application in the personal care industry. In shampoos, it effectively cleanses the scalp and hair without causing dryness. Body washes containing cocamidopropyl betaine leave the skin feeling refreshed and moisturized. Facial cleansers utilize this ingredient for its gentle yet thorough cleansing action.
  • Household Cleaning Products: 
    Cocamidopropyl betaine is a key ingredient in household cleaning products such as dishwashing liquids, laundry detergents, and all-purpose cleaners. It helps to remove stains and grease from surfaces without damaging materials.
  • Industrial Applications: 
    In industrial settings, cocamidopropyl betaine is utilized in metal cleaning, textile processing, and agricultural formulations. Its surfactant properties make it valuable as a dispersant and wetting agent.

Product Types and Examples

Picture 1

Personal Care Products:

  • Shampoos: Sulfate-free shampoos containing cocamidopropyl betaine provide a gentle cleansing experience without stripping the hair of its natural oils.
  • Body Washes: Moisturizing body washes enriched with cocamidopropyl betaine leave the skin feeling soft and hydrated after showering.
  • Facial Cleansers: Gentle facial cleansers with cocamidopropyl betaine effectively remove makeup and impurities without drying out the skin.

Household Cleaning Products:

  • Dishwashing Liquids: Dishwashing liquids formulated with cocamidopropyl betaine cut through grease and grime on dishes, leaving them clean and sparkling.
  • Laundry Detergents: Laundry detergents containing cocamidopropyl betaine effectively remove stains and odors from clothes while being gentle on fabrics.
  • All-Purpose Cleaners: All-purpose cleaners with cocamidopropyl betaine clean various surfaces around the home, including countertops, floors, and appliances.

Production Processes

Cocamidopropyl betaine is typically produced through a chemical reaction involving coconut oil and dimethylaminopropylamine. This reaction results in the formation of cocamidopropyl dimethylamine, which is then reacted with monochloroacetic acid to yield cocamidopropyl betaine. The final product is then purified to remove any impurities before being used in personal care formulations.

Properties and Characteristics

  • Mildness: Cocamidopropyl betaine is known for its mildness, making it suitable for use on sensitive skin and delicate areas.
  • Foaming: It exhibits excellent foaming properties, contributing to the formation of stable lather in cleansing products.
  • Conditioning: Cocamidopropyl betaine has conditioning properties that leave the skin and hair feeling soft and smooth after use.
  • Compatibility: It is compatible with a wide range of other ingredients, allowing for versatile formulation options in personal care products.


In conclusion, cocamidopropyl betaine plays a vital role in the formulation of personal care products, offering effective cleansing and conditioning benefits. At DChemie Malaysia, we supply high-quality cocamidopropyl betaine with no minimum order quantity (MOQ) and customizable packaging options to meet your specific needs. Explore the versatility and effectiveness of cocamidopropyl betaine in your formulations today! You may refer to the product link below.

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