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6 Stunning Ways to Maintain Your Tyres That Most People Don’t Know

6 Stunning Ways to Maintain Your Tyres That Most People Don’t Know

Tyres are expensive parts for vehicles. We always heard that we need a replacement in every 4 - 5 years. But the real situation is most of us in Malaysia are forced to replace tyres in just 1 - 2 years due to damaged tyres (well you know why). In fact, even if there is only one damaged tyre, we are often asked to replace directly for both sides, ask the mechanics and they will tell you why. Therefore, proper maintenance can help you to prevent frequent tyre replacements and save you big money.

Let's find out the 6 stunning ways to maintain your tyres that most of us actually don't know. The steps are simple, but it will be very helpful.

#1: Keep tyre pressure at vehicle recommend level


Maintaining correct inflation pressure is the single most important thing that you can do to help your tyres last longer. Over inflation causes impact damage and uncomfortable driving experiences. Meanwhile, under inflation causes further air loss, tyre cracking and irreversible tyre damage. It also causes damage resulted from excessive tyre flexing. Take note that tyres can lose up to 1 PSI of air every month. So, if you rely on your mechanic to check tyre pressure only during vehicle servicing, you might be putting you and your family at risk.

#2: Always check the tyre treads indicator


Tyre treads is the main thing that keep the grip of your tyres on road, especially when the road is wet (and we always have raining here in Malaysia). They cut through the water, helping tyres to stay in contact with the road surfaces. Well, treads are prone to wear, but most of us didn't really pay attention to it. Manufacturer always have treads indicator build on the tyres, indicating when a tyre is worn beyond safety and need to be changed. It looks like a horizontal bar extending across tread grooves horizontally. Whenever the tyre treads were worn down to the same level with the treads indicator, it's time to change.

#3: Avoid putting vehicle unused for too long


Have you ever encounter a product made of rubber become damaged after unused for very long time? Well, tyres are the same and we call this dry rot. One way of avoiding dry rot is to drive the vehicle at least once a month (especially if you have too many vehicles), this warms up the tyres and prevent it from drying too much and cracking. This might also be caused by excessive UV rays damaging your tyres. Since we cannot stay away from hot sun here in Malaysia, at least we can do what we can do, which is to drive your vehicles.

#4: Cleaning and apply protective wax


Dirts and dusts can build up after sometime being on the road. Dirty tyres could be more damaging then what they seem. Hence, regular cleaning and waxing is the most direct and straightforward way in protecting your tyres. Think of waxing like a first line of defense for your tyres from environment. It provide a wax coating layer on the tyres which also act as a barrier and shield it from all sort of contamination from the road and extreme weather (apart from giving them shining appearance). Well, for optimum protection, it is recommended to wax the tyres twice a month.

#5: Rotating your tyres position after every 15,000km mileage


Ever heard from your mechanic asking to swab both of your front tyres to rear of your vehicles? Why they ask so? Actually this is a method of rotating tyres position. Ideally, we should rotate our tyres position after mileage of every 15,000km. Your front tyres often wear out faster than your rear tyres. By rotating them, we will significantly extend the shelf life of our tyres. But the sad news is... most people nowadays don't know or even rely on their mechanics to remind them when sending vehicles to workshop only in the event where their tyres were damaged or "PANCIT". What makes it more sad is... most of the mechanics nowadays don't even bother to remind... since they will get questioned if they charge for the service.

#6: Try to avoid sudden braking or accelerating


We all know that tyres are made up of rubber materials, which is prone to wear and tear. Hence, keep in mind that you should not put burden to your tyres by accelerating or braking too harshly. This put direct friction to tyres and they lose the rubber quality faster than normal. You will only cause more tyre wear by having bad habits such as heavy braking, over acceleration, constantly stopping and starting, and dragging your brakes when travelling downhill. It's not about reducing your enjoyment from driving, but it is to help you to save your hard earned money.

So, it is not that hard actually. But do you remember them?

Hold on...
What's Step #4 again?

Does waxing really protect the tyres?
Well, it depends on the type of wax, because not all of them are useful.

Here lie the secrets that most supplier won't tell you...
To understand it, you must first understand tyre wax content.

The main ingredients of most tyre wax found in Malaysia is silicone, an inert and safe compound derived from silica. It is the key component to protect tyre and make tyre shine, and is holds on to the surfaces very well. However, silicone is generally higher in cost. As a results, common tyre wax available in the market comprised of mixture between silicone wax and water mixed with emulsifier for lower costing. But here comes the trouble, nowadays the actual silicone content is way lower than the water. The lesser the silicone content, the faster the tyre wax gone off. This is the main reason why most of the tyre wax do not last long and fade very fast. Now you get it?

Pure silicone is clear, whereas a mixed tyre wax emulsion is white in color. Try to have look at the store shelf next time when you go shopping, I bet you will only find those white one, because giving pure wax is not a norm in the market.


Pure silicone wax is the single most important thing to a
protective, quality, lasting & shining tyre wax

What if...

You can get a 100% pure silicone wax
from us today?

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